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Strange emails I get

Okay, I got a weird email today... So I researched it a bit.

A couple of searches for "Rey Tampos" gives:
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

which seems to be the same person with 2 accounts. Both claiming to be in the Philippines.

<strong>BOTTOM LINE: I'm not selling anything... </strong>

<em>From: Rey Tampos &lt;;

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New Pics!!!

It's my 1st wedding photo album... Hard to take photos inside a church w/ relatively low light and also inside a dimly lit banquet hall... And I don't use flash!

Critiques and suggestions are welcome...

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Biked to Work!!!

Biked to work today. Made 7 miles in 33 minutes. (Left home at 8:11am. Arrived work 8:44am.) That's an average speed of 12.72 mph... If I take the bus, it'll take me 45 minutes to get to work. I'm happy... But I'm tired...
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New Bike!

Biked around using my new bike... It went well... The new bike seems smoother... Just need to get used to biking again. I'll also need eye protection to keep the insects out... And lights for late night riding...
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Unsolicited Advice

A couple of people I know are very good about
giving unsolicited advice. At times, it's
annoying, but I've learned to deal with them...
Besides, I've looked into the lives of these
people and they don't "practice what they

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15 Minutes of Barefoot running!

I was finally able to run 15 minutes straight on bare feet (Well, not really bare but with a foot glove; Vibram Five Fingers). It feels good and there's no foot pain. Hope to be able to go further on barefeet.
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Barefoot running

I've been trying to run barefeet. It's weird!
Seems my feet have to get used to this but my
initial findings are that it's more natural.

The conclusions in the articles above are
interesting and I'm hoping that barefeet running
will help strengthen my feet.

Of course, I don't run totally barefoot to avoid
puncture wounds. For that I wear special "shoes"...

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Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times

Watched "Modern Times" by Charlie Chaplin. Fascinating how they did movies in those days using little color, little dialogue and (I presume...) minimum number of takes. The storyline is good too and Charlie Chaplin's physical comedy is legendary.
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... life doesn't work out the way you want it... It has been a very infuriating day... But "this too shall pass"...
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